Meet The Wirral Team

Welcome to our our team of fully qualified and hardworking driving Instructors who are waiting to deliver your driving licence. Meet the Wirral Team

We are a local and family run Driving School business operating on your doorstep.

All of our local Driving Instructors are fully qualified and CRB checked for your safety.

They will all deliver client centred Driving lessons to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from each lesson and a full report will be available with details of what topics were covered, what progress was made and any areas of weakness to be addressed. You will sign each lesson sheet to confirm start and finish times along with next lesson confirmation to eliminate any uncertainty.

All of our driving Instructors work to a strict code of conduct and adhere to our Driving School mission statement to maintain standards.

Gordon - School Owner

Gordon Bromley – School Owner

Gordon is the driving school owner and he conducts driving lessons in the Wirral area.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

Alex Strowther

Alex Strowther

I was relatively late in getting my act together with regards to driving in light of school and other commitments, but realised around April that it would be really beneficial to me to pass before heading off to university in September. Thankfully a good friend of mine, who was one of the first in our year group to pass her test, had often spoken very highly of iGo Driving School and Gordon Bromley through being in the car with her on several occasions I always regarded her as a responsible and highly competent driver. I therefore decided to give iGo a ring, and I never looked back! In my lessons I was constantly presented with new challenges, and while many were worrying initially I never felt at all unsafe in the car. Around the date of my test I decided it would be great to have a couple more lessons to settle the nerves, and even at such late notice they managed to squeeze me in. As a result of this on the day of the test I was surprisingly calm, feeling confident that I could safely manage any new situation that came my way, and this was entirely due to the brilliant teaching I received. I’m delighted to have passed first time before uni and am really grateful for all the help that was offered to me throughout.”

Alex Strowther – Wirral

Christine McCarnan - Birkenhead

Christine McCarnan – Birkenhead

I chose iGo Driving School because i wanted reliable, good quality driving lessons. ” I found my instructor Gordon Bromley to be extremely helpful and found his teaching methods to be very good and helped me improve on my weaknesses. ” Gordon was very kind and helpful instructor.

Christine McCarnan – Wirral

Liam Roddy

Liam Roddy

My sister recommended iGo as she also learnt with them. My driving instructor was Gordon and he was everything and more than I expected. He used methods that were very useful and effective and the service was 1st class.

Liam Roddy – Wirral

Mandy Davies

Mandy Davies

iGO staff are amazing Gordon answered all questions I had to ask with very honest replies, I felt very at ease at knowing that he believed in me which made me believe I could do this! Learning to drive was something I thought would take me years and years! And I nether thought in a million years I could get over the fear of driving but I was so determined! as having two kids and one on the way summer holidays were expensive so the thought of just hopping in the car for cheap days out as a must! And after Gordon made me feel at ease I started to think yes I can do this! Gordon was very good in his teaching he always taught in a way that suited me if there was a way that I found easier we kept it as that, he didn’t over complicate my small brain. I would recommend Gordon as after many instructors and bad starts to learning to drive I was disheartened and didn’t think I could do it, Gordon was very patient made me feel so at ease was very easy to talk to and have a laugh with it’s what you need if you are a nervous driver, also it didn’t take long at all to pick up good driving skills.

Mandy Davies – Wirral

Driving Instructor Alex Jackson

Driving Instructor Alex Jackson

Alex Jackson has been with the Driving School since July 2013

In addition to covering the Birkenhead area, Alex also covers all of the Wirral.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

Katy Stuart - Wirral

Katy Stuart – Wirral

5 months ago I never thought I’d ever pass my driving test let alone first time!! I’m more confident driving than I ever thought I could be. Brilliant, I’d like to thank Alex for getting me through my test!

Katy Stuart – Wirral

Matthew Gill - Worle

Matthew Gill – Wirral

Matthew Gill has only recently joined the team and has a number of students approaching their tests.Their reviews will appear here as soon as we receive them.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

Mr Patel, Wirral

Mr Patel, Wirral

I took recommendations from my friends on who to learn to drive with very seriously. My Driving Instructor Mathew Gill had very useful teaching methods and in particular where the manoeuvres were concerned which made them simple to remember. I felt very prepared for my test and went into it with a great deal of confidence due to my tuition.

Mr Patel – Wirral

Mrs Verma - Wirral

Mrs Verma – Wirral

“I was looking for quality lessons and for an Instructor to be flexible.” My Driving Instructor was Matthew Gill  had easy to follow teaching methods and they were simple to understand. I found my learning to drive experience to be better than I had anticipated it would be and with the help of my Instructor I managed to pass 1st time and i know many other who have also done this with iGo Driving School!!”

Mrs Verma – Wirral

Mike Toner - Wirral

Mike Toner – Wirral

Mike Trained with iGo Driving School and qualified last year 2015, Mike covers Wallasey and the rest of the Wirral after working away for many years on oil rigs he decided a change of carrier and now has more time to himself and family.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

Shanade Taylor - Wirral

Shanade Taylor – Wirral

“I Chose iGo Driving School because they are professional but also friendly, I also wanted a availability to suit my schedule. After a few dodgy driving schools, I was nervous about learning to drive again, however Mike from iGo Driving School was patient and friendly, I couldn’t have passed without him. iGo Driving Instructors are genuine and friendly I would definitely recommend them to others.

Shanade Taylor – Wirral


“I  joined iGo Driving School last year and I am impressed with it’s very professional approach which is demonstrated by excellent communication and a consistency in providing pupils.  I am also impressed with the online resources available to students through the Theory Test Pro platform.  As an Instructor I feel very comfortable that I have the support I need from the organisation, whenever I need it and at very reasonable cost to myself.  I have total control of my own diary which benefits me in being able to plan my personal life.

Guy ??

Carol Heatherington - Head Trainer

Carol Heatherington – Head Trainer

Carol is our senior Driving Instructor and is also head of our internal Driving Instructor training program.

She spends most of her time training the general public to become Instructors and providing ongoing development training to all of our Instructors. Carol also performs some learner lessons in Bebington and also rest of the Wirral although these are very limited due to her other commitments

Below you can read a small selection of what her customers have to say regarding her tuition and customer service.

Megan Dawson - Wirral

Megan Dawson – Wirral

“Top of my priority list when choosing which Driving School to learn with was that I would get good value for money and a patient understanding Instructor. This is exactly what I got with my Driving Instructor Carol Hetherington who made things a lot easier than I had expected they would be and made me feel comfortable in the car. I found her teaching methods helped me to remember and had good ways to help me”!!

Megan Dawson –  Wirral


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