Covid 19


iGo Driving School is passionate about the health and safety of both pupils and instructors. We have therefore composed a set of hygiene protocols, in line with government recommendations, for our instructors and pupils to follow before, during and after each lesson.

Before The Lesson:

Our instructors will cancel* a lesson if they have had any symptoms within the last 7 days or
if they have been in contact with anyone who has had symptoms within the last 14 days.
Before collecting a pupil for a lesson, our instructors will call or text to ask if you have had any
symptoms of the virus within the last 7 days, or if you have been in contact with anyone that
is showing symptoms or has been doing so within the last 14 days. If you have, then the
lessons will be cancelled* until you have recovered.
*please review cancellation terms and conditions
You will be reminded to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds immediately before leaving
the house for your lesson and if you want to wear disposable gloves and/or a facial covering,
you should put them on just before getting into the car.
You will also be asked to wear clothing that is suitable and covers as much of you as possible,
including arms and legs.

During The Lesson:

When our instructors arrive, you should meet them at the car where you will be offered the
opportunity for a temperature check with a non-contact foreahead thermometer.

Our instructors will then explain that:

• there is additional hand-sanitiser in the car if you wish to use it.
• you should avoid touching your face and hands.
• you will not shake hands, share visual aids, pens etc. and all contact will be minimised
for safety.
• between lessons our instructors have used anti-bacterial wipes to clean down door
handles inside and out, windows and mirror controls, seat and head restraints, seatbelt
and its connection, gear lever, steering wheel, indicator and wiper stalks, car keys and
training resources
• air-conditioning is discouraged and that the windows will be down as much as possible
during the lesson to allow for ventilation
• no parents, guardians or friends, will not be able to sit in on the lesson

After The Lesson:

Before you leave the car, our instructors will remind you to wash your hands the moment you
get into your house.
When you have exited the car, our instructor will undertake the meticulous cleaning process
to ensure the car is ready for the next lesson.

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