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      Igo Driving School has been offering driving lessons in Wirral for many years and built a solid reputation for customer success. We have a range of packages for all types of vehicle to suit all drivers. We rely enormously on recommendations to keep our team of instructors busy and are extremely grateful to our customers for the customer reviews they provide.

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      Each of our local driving instructors operating in the Wirral area has been  CRB-checked for your safety. The tuition we offer is client-centred, which means that you are not simply told what to do but will be provided with a personalised plan of action. We will never pressure you into a subject that you are not comfortable with, instead helping you tackle an alternative area first. 

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

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This is totally dependant upon your original diving skills. We try to have the majority of students passed by the first 20 lessons, but very often it can be a lot sooner. It is rare that pupils have more than 20 lessons when they are training with IGO Drive.

If you make a mistake whilst driving in your exam it is not the end of the world! Try and sort out your mistake as soon as you have made it, dependant on what it is. If it's only minor you can still potentially pass - and if not you'll know not to make it again!

Do not worry! At the time of the exam you will be using the same car you have been driving throughout your time learning with us. So the clutch and steering will all be the same. But we do advise a quick lesson straight before your actual exam to ensure best results!

The practical car test still costs £62 on a weekday, and £75 in the evening after 16:30 and during weekends. Motorcycle practical tests cost £75 for the on-road test, and £88.50 during evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

You can start your trailer driving test as soon as you are 17, as long as you have a driving license. Once you have passed your theory and practical driving test we then can start on your trailer exams. You can do the whole process with IGO Drive.

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Lessons From just £25 each or 10 Starter Lessons for £197 or Trailer lessons From £270

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  • Gordon Bromley

    Managing Director

    I am the Managing Director of IGO Drive and have been passing my students for many years and will...

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    Mathew Gill trained with iGo Driving School, after having a very stressful job few years ago being an accountant...

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